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Key Colony Beach is located at mile marker 53.5 on US Highway 1, which is known locally as the Overseas Highway. The city, called the “Gem of the Florida Keys,” is on an island just south of the Overseas Highway connected via a causeway with a very small bridge.


The majority of residences are on canals with quick access to the Gulf or Atlantic Ocean or have ocean views which make the city ideal for fishing and boating activities. In addition to the residences, there are many businesses and recreation in the city, including restaurants, a charter fishing fleet, marina, boat rentals, clothing store, gift shop, dive and tackle shop, liquor store, gas station, convenience store, hotels, 2 playgrounds, bocce courts, pickleball courts tennis courts, shuffleboard, and a 9-hole par-3 golf course.

The city was founded in the early fifties by developer Phil Sadowski, who began dredging around the island, adding to its size and increasing its height to six feet above mean sea level. The city was incorporated in September 1957, and is situated on 286 acres with approximately 1,400 units of housing. Key Colony Beach is governed by five city commissioners elected for two-year, staggered terms. City elections are non-partisan and are held each year on the 2nd Tuesday in March. Thirteen employees assist the city commission including a staff of four in the city clerk’s office, a five-member police department, and a staff of four in the building/public works department. Traditionally, the Mayor also serves as City Administrator, supervising staff and ongoing activities on a day-to-day basis.

Area Attractions:
  • Coco Plum Beach
  • Key Colony Beach Club
  • The Cabana Club
Area Information:

Key Colony Beach FL homes for sale

Key Colony Beach

Your search for the perfect home in the Florida Keys ends here in Key Colony Beach – where sun, sand, sunsets, and fun come in a neat little package. Learn more about this gorgeous island set at the center of the Florida Keys below.

Key Colony Beach: An Overview

Key Colony Beach

Key Colony Beach, along with Key West, Marathon, Layton, and Islamorada, make up the five municipalities of Monroe County. Its nearest neighbor to the north across the Overseas Highway is the City of Marathon. Attaching Key Colony Beach to the Overseas Highway is the Sadowski Causeway – the island’s main artery which serves as its sole entry and exit point.

Spanning only 0.65 square miles with 0.44 square miles of it consisting of land, Key Colony Beach, FL is among the smallest municipalities of the county. However, the homes for sale here are among the most luxurious that you will find in the Middle Keys. Sought after primarily for their waterfront location, these houses for sale in Key Colony Beach, FL attract families wanting to have a second home in the tropics, investors wanting to cash in on the surge of tourist arrivals on the island, and snowbirds who prefer the warm sunshine on winters down south instead of the freezing temperatures of the north.

The basic facts

The Florida Keys are largely known for being a popular tourist hub, given their strategic location in the midst of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. They offer a lovely coastal setting and a plethora of activities both on land and offshore. However, even in their relative remoteness, they still manage to provide not just simple creature comforts but top-notch shopping, dining, and recreation options. That’s why the tourists always come over to visit, and their constant presence on the islands becomes the primary driver behind the remarkable quality of life in the Keys – from the economy to the real estate.

Key Colony Beach, just like the rest of the Keys, also has the tourism sector serving as a major influence in its growth. This influence extends to the real estate scene, where many homes on the island consist of vacation rentals. That said, a substantial chunk of the homeowner profile (31.5%) is also made up of seasonal residents who rent out their homes to tourists during peak travel seasons. Permanent residents, meanwhile, comprise 68.5% of the total Key Colony Beach households.

Even as the U.S. Census estimated Key Colony Beach’s population size at almost 800, this number may rise and fall depending on the season. Off-seasons are the times when the island is generally quieter and its permanent residents congregate in areas usually swarming with tourists. Their beautiful beaches become theirs to enjoy fully and fishing in or exploring the open sea becomes more relaxed and peaceful.

Most businesses in Key Colony Beach are aligned with the hospitality industry, serving everyone – whether tourist or local – on the island. Those who do have jobs on the island can just walk to their respective places of work as Key Colony Beach is a walker’s paradise. It’s also significant to note that almost 14% of employed residents on the island work remotely which, according to, is quite high in comparison to the rest of the county.

The allure

Key Colony Beach is known for offering exclusivity. It is a place affluent beach lovers go to for mega-doses of Vitamin Sea. It also provides many opportunities for residents and guests to mingle and form lasting bonds while enjoying everything the island has to offer, especially since they’re bound to bump into one another – given the island’s petite size.

And when it comes to everything the island has to offer, this means taking part in every outdoor water sport you can imagine, partaking in fresh, delectable seafood, checking out the local shops for beach-inspired merchandise, and appreciating the community’s environment preservation efforts. Whether you’re here to stay, to invest, or to visit, these are what will make you fall in love with Key Colony Beach.

The neighbors

Key Colony Beach, as well as the rest of the Florida Keys, is almost exclusively surrounded by the ocean. As it is set in the Middle Keys, the waters surrounding KCB belong to the Atlantic expanse. These waters provide great boating opportunities and reefs to explore.

It’s not difficult to find urban conveniences when you’re living in or visiting Key Colony Beach as you have the cities of Marathon and Islamorada to turn to for anything from the hottest nightspots to medical facilities and good schools. As mentioned earlier, you only need to cross the Overseas Highway to get to Marathon. Islamorada is farther out with an almost 30-mile stretch between it and KCB but it’s an exciting urban hub with even more options for dining, shopping, and recreation, considering its proximity to the Florida mainland.

The history

In the early 1950s, Key Colony Beach was known simply as Shelter Key, a 97-acre island off the coast of Florida.

By 1957, Phil Sadowski took charge of developing the area to increase its height and size, essentially mitigating the occurrence of flooding during high tides. Though there were discussions to incorporate the island with Marathon, Shelter Key was recognized as its own island after a landmark decision by the Florida Legislature. In turn, this small, independent island came to be known as Key Colony Beach in 1957.

In 1960, the municipality was badly affected by Hurricane Donna but was fortunately granted funding to rebuild. While it took some time for real estate prices to stabilize and improve, it eventually grew into the upscale neighborhood we know today.

Sadowski Causeway, the main road into the island, got its name from KCB’s prime developer. The small island transformed into an exclusive, must-visit community, with a variety of hotels and restaurants to entertain tourists during peak seasons. Key Colony Beach, FL also has a good number of homes for sale to choose from for residential or investment purposes.

Key Colony Beach Fl Homes For Sale

Key Colony Beach

Living in a low-density coastal neighborhood with a tropical climate is the closest one can come to being in paradise as it can get. Buying a home in Key Colony Beach can give you this, while also being a short drive away from urban areas that give residents an even wider array of options for both work and play.

Learn more about the real estate landscape, how it fits into your investment plans, and the houses for sale in Key Colony Beach that perfectly match your needs.

Real estate overview

From two-bedroom starter homes and mid-rise to high-rise condo developments to seven-bedroom luxury properties, Key Colony Beach has a good selection of properties to meet your housing needs.

Moreover, vacation rentals on the island offer cost-effective and more flexible accommodations for tourists, compared to the resorts and hotels in the area and nearby Marathon. Not only do these rentals manage to surpass guests’ expectations when it comes to aesthetics, convenience, and security but they are also found along the beachfront, boasting spectacular ocean views and their own boat docks. Livable and lucrative, the houses for sale in Key Colony Beach, FL present wonderful investment opportunities to smart investors.

If you’re the midway type who wants to use a Key Colony Beach home for both vacation getaways and renting out to guests during peak travel seasons, you can easily have both when you purchase real estate here. Rest assured, you’ll find the waterfront home that will fit your goals and lifestyle on the island.

Property types and architectural styles

The two distinct property types you’ll find in Key Colony Beach are single-family homes and condos, with a few vacant lots where one can build and fully customize their home.

Most of the single-family homes for sale in Key Colony Beach, FL come complete with upscale amenities like gourmet kitchens with granite countertops and state-of-the-art appliances, private pools, game rooms, home theaters, and fully furnished outdoor living spaces. And since these homes directly face the ocean via canals, access to the waters of the Atlantic is a breeze. They also feature private dockage.

Meanwhile, condo developments in Key Colony Beach feature panoramic views of the ocean and the surrounding landscape, as well as top-notch shared amenities. These amenities include:

  • Fitness center
  • Clubhouse
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball court
  • BBQ grills
  • Bicycle storage
  • Kayak and paddleboard rentals

Architectural styles

With their location on an island in the middle of the open sea, houses for sale in Key Colony Beach are built with architectural styles that take into account the gorgeous coastal vistas, the warm tropical climate, and the intense exposure to the elements. Most of these properties feature the following:

  • Balconies and porches where homeowners or guests can relax while watching sunsets and the overall beauty of the surroundings.
  • Open floor plans provide a seamless flow between the indoors and the outdoors, as well as excellent ventilation.
  • Sprawling outdoor spaces like patios become extensions of indoor spaces, as well as great areas for social gatherings.
  • Raised foundations ensure that everyone stays high and dry no matter the tidal movements or weather conditions.

Aesthetics also plays a big role in the appeal of these homes on the island. Many use an earthy color palette that mimics the island’s lush tropical setting but there are also some that take into account the island’s nautical vibe, an upbeat Caribbean feel, or a popular Florida style that’s synonymous with class and modernity.

All these taken into consideration, here are the most popular architectural styles you’ll find among homes for sale in Key Colony Beach, FL.

  • Mediterranean
  • Florida Keys Vernacular
  • Caribbean
  • Tropical Modern
  • Art Deco

Living In Key Colony Beach, FL

Key Colony Beach

With a backdrop of pristine beaches, clear waters, and an upscale community, Key Colony Beach is the perfect option for those in search of a luxurious coastal lifestyle. Here’s what you can look forward to when you decide to live in KCB.

Community vibe

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the locals of Key Colony Beach are a warm and welcoming lot, given the diverse array of tourists they get to mingle with on the island. They know exactly how to make people feel at home here.

Moreover, since tourism here banks largely on the intrinsic beauty of the natural surroundings, KCB’s residents are strong advocates of environmental protection and sustainability measures. One such campaign involves the protection and conservation of sea turtles as many of these marine animals consider the Florida Keys as their habitat.

Also, expect to find large social groups composed of senior adults on Key Colony Beach. That’s because the island is considered a retiree’s haven. It’s no secret that most of these people are drawn to the year-round clear skies and sunny weather that Florida is known for. But they specifically choose KCB for its relative remoteness and tranquil vibe. It’s far enough from the urban hustle and bustle but near enough to enjoy a slew of conveniences and amenities that their age group couldn’t live without (e.g., medical facilities and pharmacies).


Families with school-age children only need to cross the Overseas Highway to Marathon to find great schools within the vicinity of Key Colony Beach.

Below are some of the nearby schools to Key Colony Beach:

Meanwhile, specialty schools in the area that allow their students to expand their skills include:

Shopping and dining

Seafood is almost always on the menu of most restaurants in the Florida Keys. Whether coming in for a quick bite before heading for the waters or dining out with a special someone, Key Colony Beach and its neighbors have you covered. As expected among most beach towns like KCB, seafood is a staple on almost every local food spot’s menu.

Start exploring the local food scene with these top-rated restaurants, cafes, and bars:

Looking for gifts and souvenirs from your trip? Below are some of the shops to visit in Key Colony Beach:

Attractions in and around Key Colony Beach

Those with a flair for adventure and active living can check out the cool places to be within the periphery of Key Colony Beach.

Landlubbers need not get their feet wet to enjoy what the local beach and country clubs have to offer. Here are some of them.

No trip to the Florida Keys is complete without an up-close encounter with the abundant flora and fauna that thrive here. Explore the state parks, nature centers, and reserves to revel in this experience:

Looking for something structured to sightsee around Key Colony Beach? Here are the must-see tours.

Other local attractions

Visit these thrilling local attractions that serve to inform, inspire, appreciate, and learn from.

Find The Best Homes For Sale In Key Colony Beach, FL

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